3 Cool Things to Do Instead of Plunging into the Annual Debate on ‘Merry Christmas’

Global climate change might be changing all the patterns of humanity’s life. But what one thing it can’t alter? Human’s ultimate stubbornness, to stick to one issue and debate over it year by year until we reach the acme of insanity and complete saturation of SICKNESS.

While I keep what I believe in for myself, let me tell you 3 cool things to do besides participating in the annual, seemingly endless debate that I hate.

1. Sleeping
It’s the best thing you can do during holiday season. Go get some longer sleep, at night, at noon, in the afternoon, anytime you wish.

2. Blogging
Yet, make sure when you blog, you leave the uncool topic behind. Give some new fresh perspectives towards the issue, which may require some I-don’t-give-it-a-f*ck attitude. Don’t bore the readers with the dilemma whether a moslem must or must not extend christmas greeting. I’d say, “Let’s move on, shall we?”

3. Meditating
Monkey mind is anyone’s problem, and I develop the syndrome, too. So I’m trying to forget worldly stuff for a while and to get some inner peace whenever I can. And because meditation instills serenity and silence, you may find yourself drenched in self content. Nothing else matters but yourself. Suddenly everything seems perfect and you’ll love yourself more than before.

What could be the next…? It’s all up to you.

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