It’s 2014. Time to Take Further Challenges!

Today marks the first week of 2014 and I feel like I need to try new things. Or this time, take the same challenges further and more seriously.

So I stealthily challenged myself to write more on my blog last year and that’s just a warming up session. For the challenge, I got myself a BlackBerry, enabling me to keep blogging on the go no matter what happens (and I can keep writing without the laptop and prolonged sitting which may put my health at risk in the long run). Even intermittent power failures won’t stop me because the qwerty keyboard phone I use is the cheapest model BlackBerry released last year, hence no cutting-edge features are installed. That also means a longer battery life. And I tried to blog more frequently than ever. In terms of quantity, I can claim I have made it so far. I’ve become more productive than ever.

This year I’m about to write LONGER. So far, if you have no idea, I usually write short articles, short stories, anecdotes, and captions which merely comprise fewer than 1000 words. It seems my brain can now only chew a tiny bit by a tiny bit of information and thus can only write a tiny bit by a tiny bit of information.

The themes are two: fiction and yoga. And to make it more special, I plan to write (or draft) on my BlackBerry. But it doesn’t mean I have to edit it too on my BlackBerry because the screen is just 2.4 inch!

Hope I’ll make it!

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