Dice Iida-Klein Shares His Journey to Yoga


This yogi is well known for two things: his fabulous arm balancing poses on the mat with Briohny Smyth and his stunning looks even a straight man will honestly admire. As superficial as it may seem, Dice (thank God he is not cubic in form) shows a new approach to yoga by introducing some transitions and sequences that mostly involve inversion and arm balancing asanas, called “Brice Yoga Method”. Along with her wife, he arranged some inversions and arm balancing poses into a sequence not every yogi and yogini can follow smoothly. Seriously, it’s designed mostly for advanced learners who know well their bodies and safety aspect of doing challenging asanas. So if you as new comers want to try, no one can prevent you from trying but try at your own risk. Believe me, you’ll be physically challenged by the entire exercise. I can say this after last December took his short class. And I, who happens to be a lover of inversions and arm balancing, felt his transitions and sequences are too challenging I want to only sit on my mat, seeing what others can do.

“My name is Dice Iida-Klein and I love yoga, simply put,”says the yogi to Hipwidth when interviewed in Sunny Venice Beach, California. From his build, I knew Dice did some ports before plunging into the yoga routine. He admitted he’s been physically active since his childhood. “Baseball, hockey, basketball… Play them all pretty competitively. Through high school, a varsity tennis player, and a wrestler and a cross country runner. And at college, I lifted a lot of weights and got pretty stocky and big but I’ve always changed sports, and kind of I think because I can’t stick with one thing too long,”he adds. And apparently weightlifting credited for these muscular torso and arms and shoulders, which play significant role in arm balances. So does that mean in order for a yogi to do a better handstand or other arm balancing poses, he has got to hit the gym first to lift weight with those gym rats? Perhaps…

His first encounter with yoga in August 2007, he recounts, involved abundant sweat. It was Sarah Ivanhoe’s class in Santa Monica. “I had my butt handed to me,”Dice recalls. He never sweated so much before,”I’ve never been so sore the next day!” He never worked so hard physically that his mind mentally so absolutely pure. “So calm and relaxed and able to assess things better than normal…I think that’s what pulled me in. As much as I love the physical side of yoga, the physical side is what really gives me mental stability.”

What does yoga mean to Dice? According to the 29-year old yogi, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion of what yoga means to each of them. It should be different because we’re allowed to define yoga ourselves.”For me, it sounds like a way of selfish things but it’s a very self introspective, self-studying thing, it helps me become a better person so I can be better for other people around me and the world around me. Sometimes selfish comes up with the negative connotation but I think yoga starts off selfish but it turns into something that is very selfless.”

For a yoga guru who travels around the world, Dice has his own rule of home practice. He says he practices alone spans at least 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. And of course, it involves “tons of arm balances”, which he confesses would really love to do.

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