The Unknown Power of Social Media #headlineoftheday

She approached me, then sat next to me only to ask,”Are you a vegan?”

To note, I have no idea what made her say that. I know nothing about her. Absolutely nothing. Even I just found out her name this morning.

I smiled upon this with utter disbelief. Maybe she asked someone else around me. But I was quite sure she asked me as she mentioned my name, too. To make things worse, I never knew her being a manager at the office. I was completely uninformed about who she was. All I know is that she works at a different subsidiary. So it is no wonder that we hardly ever meet or speak with each other.

Until now…

Vegan? Did I once declare I myself am a vegan in front of her? No. So how did she arrive to the conclusion?

She explained,”I saw you following @alterjiwo, looks like it’s fun to eat no meat, only plant-based diet.”

For your information, @alterjiwo is a Twitter handle of Janti Soewignjopranoto, an evangelist of healthy and clean eating. Her feeds on Instagram are mostly about clean eating and healthy organic plant-based diet.

And this woman happened to know my being @alterjiwo’s follower and assumed accordingly that I’m a fan of vegan diet. But I shook my head,”No, not really vegan. But I try to eat more veggies and fruits whenever and wherever I can. No more red meat, with occasional white meat consumption.” You’ll never know what social media does to your future.

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  1. I followed an atheist, will that make me atheist as well?

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