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Kudus, The New Bikini Bottom

My hometown Kudus has been notorious recently after getting inundated for days. Access to the smallest town in Central Java is cut off (but as of today has been recovered, says some sources on social media) resulting in the draining … Continue reading

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It’s January, Time for Jakarta to Catch up with Venice

But you cannot find any gondolas around the city… Only rafts or tons of trash drifting along the streams or sewage. As usual, January has always been the best time to swim as the rainfall is reaching its peak. It … Continue reading

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Reporter, One of the Most Stressful Jobs

If you’re a journalist, chances are you won’t jump with shock after reading this news. As stated by Chad Brooks (a BusinessNewsDaily contributor), some recent study indicated that being a reporter is one of the most stressful jobs ever in … Continue reading

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Berapa Kali Idealnya Frekuensi Latihan Yoga?

Pertanyaan ini sebenarnya tidak bisa dijawab dengan satu jawaban yang pasti dan baku karena saya yakin bahwa setiap orang melakukan yoga dengan tujuan dan kebutuhan yang berbeda-beda. Bagi saya, yoga tidak perlu dilakukan setiap hari karena tubuh saya memerlukan istirahat … Continue reading

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