Kudus, The New Bikini Bottom

What you see is supposed to be a dry bus terminal. The photo was uploaded by a friend of mine Thursday (23/1/2014).

What you see is supposed to be a dry bus terminal. The photo was uploaded by a friend of mine Thurday (23/1/2014).

My hometown Kudus has been notorious recently after getting inundated for days. Access to the smallest town in Central Java is cut off (but as of today has been recovered, says some sources on social media) resulting in the draining supply of fossil fuel. The rainfall has also been decreasing, the sun was shining today, which makes cleaning-up easier. Kudus was literally inaccessible by land as the main road got flooded and bridges broke down. My uncle who works as a teacher in Pati couldn’t find the way to get home on Friday. The bus station was officially closed as the water flew in the nearby area. I never heard flood at this ‘amazing’ scale before though I knew some part of Kudus is prone to this annual ‘natural disaster’.

But that’s what happened down there. People on the higher elevation suffered from another calamity: landslide.

And a heartfelt story behind the landslide appeared on press. Here we go:

Proses pencarian warga yang tertimbun tanah longsor di Duku Kambangan, Desa Menawan, Kecamatan Gebog, Kudus, Jawa Tengah, masih terus dilakukan. Warga sekitar bersama tim Basarnas dan petugas gabungan menemukan dua korban lagi pada Minggu sore, 26 Januari 2014.

Korban diketahui bernama Mursidi, 45, dan ibunya, Rukmi, 75. Keduanya tertimbun longsor sedalam tiga meter tepat di titik lokasi rumah mereka.

Saat ditemukan, jasad Mursidi tengah memeluk ibunya yang masih mengenakan mukena. Posisi tersebut memperlihatkan bahwa korban berusaha melindungi sang ibunda dari reruntuhan.

Usai dievakuasi, jenazah Mursidi dan Rukmi langsung dimakamkan di Pemakaman Dukuh oleh pihak keluarga.

Sementara itu total sudah 11 korban yang berhasil ditemukan. Selain Mursidi dan Rukmi, korban tewas akibat tanah longsor di Kudus yang sudah ditemukan antara lain, Asrori, Umiyanti, Ulfa, Karmudji, Istiqomah, Sulasmi, Ismawati, M Iwan, Suwodo.

Sementara itu istri Suwodo, Srikah masih belum ditemukan. Namun, akibat kondisi yang tidak memungkinkan di lokasi kejadian, pencarian jasad Srikah dilanjutkan Senin besok, 27 Januari 2014. (source: news.viva.co.id)

The bottom line is someone died with his mother and he was found protecting his mother, while the elderly was praying. My father told me there was a colleague of his died, buried just all of a sudden also here. But I don’t know which one he meant.

As mentioned by BBC Indonesia (25/1/2014), Kudus has been severely hit by the flood. Of 9 districts, there are 6 badly affected by the unusually heavy rainfall, causing almost 14,000 people to refuge and the number is on the rise still unless the weather gets warmer and drier. BBC Indonesia cited the weather forecast that Kudusand the neighboring towns will still have to be alert.

Update (18:20, January 27)
The access is gradually normal. The height of flood around the bus terminal is much lower so it is safer for buses but not for motorbikes or sedans. It takes 3 hours and a half to get to Semarang from Kudus via Welahan, Jepara, the alternative route.

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