On Becoming a Hootsuite Ambassador @HootSuite_Asia

hootsuite ambassador

This very morning I opened the inbox and voila! I got the email from Hootsuite. It read:

Hi Akhlis,

Congratulations on your new role as HootSuite Ambassador!

The Ambassador program has been the pride and joy of the HootSuite Community team since early 2010. With the help of 210+ Ambassadors, the program has expanded to over 40 countries and has held 270 HootUps all around the world. We are very excited to have you be a part of this growing community and we cannot wait to see how you will bring HootSuite to the next level in your region. But first, we need you to:

Fill in this form
Please review the Code of Conduct and type in your mailing address so we can send you exclusive Ambassador swag!
Join your regional community on Google+
Please introduce yourself and start or join a discussion! This is a space for all our regional Ambassadors to connect and help support each other.

Redeem your HootSuite University benefit!
As an Ambassador, you get the advantage of accessing HootSuite University for 3 months. Follow the instructions here and apply the code “*********“
Read through the Ambassador Guide
We’ve outlined (almost) everything you need to know about being an Ambassador on this guide.

We hope you are as excited as we are. Show off your new title to your followers by tweeting and don’t forget to include @HootSuite_Asia on your Twitter bio. We are looking forward to support you for the next three months and please let us know via ambassadors@hootsuite.com if you have any questions.

Thank you and welcome to the community!

– Crystal Jiang

HootSuite Community Team

I’m so thrilled! I hope I can contribute something to Hootsuite since the application has been an inseparable part of my professional toil so far in the digital world as a social media administrator. I rely so much on it during these recent 4 years and to me it works just as smoothly as if I had an assistant. And for your information, whether a smartphone can be installed with Hootsuite or not becomes one of the most significant reasons to consider when I am about to get a new phone. Seriously, and now I’m complaining a lot when my (cheap) BlackBerry handset doesn’t support the application!

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