Why I (Try to) Write on a Daily Basis

“Do not trust your memory; it is a net full of holes; the most beautiful prizes slip through it.”- George Duhamel

One day I saw someone said this to her colleague as they were fighting,”I knew it! I have better memory than you!” The catfight was so intense I wanted to see them pulling each other’s hair, dragging one another in public places for anyone to witness, and so on. She turned out the one who had to swallow the overly confident claim. There was no proof. At all. And as bravely and shamelessly as she could do, she declared that her colleague was wrong. Her own memory did serve right, and others were accordingly wrong. I’m more than elated to see her learning her lesson that fatefully embarassing moment when the colleague learned the false claim of flawless performance of her brain in terms of memory.

I DON’T want to be the pathetically hateful self-righteous bitch.

I hate to say I find it quite easy to forget. This has been a long-time issue to me. So I decided to write more about anything. I keep a journal. I used to jot everything down on a piece of paper or a notebook (one without screen). But now that I have a BlackBerry with me, I changed my habit from writing like a medieval clerk with a pen and ink to typing on the crampy QWERTY keyboard like crazy, day and night. Like now. It’s become my second laptop to be blunt. None could be better than this. So small, compact and powerful.

As I saw how the late Sylvia Plath wrote personal diaries throughout her youthful days (she had always been youthful because she died very young, at 30, if I’m not mistaken) I’m quite convinced that I should write one, too. So I set up a blog that no one knows so they can’t access it. It’s very secretive and serves as my sanctuary.

A friend had a blog like this long time ago. She simply wrote anything on her mind without judging, editing or sorting. Just write for the sake of writing itself. But as she knew I visited the blog, she blocked the access so no visitors are allowed. It is only her who can write and thus read the content. As boring as it may sound, this is a good way for people who believe digital world more than piles of paper which can be accidentally read by others.

With the BlackBerry, I can post anything on my secret personal blog like every day, every time I want to. Without even giving a single damn to the hits, the visitor number, comments, and the list goes on. Isn’t that cool?

I don’t write by hand, on pocket notebooks, and pencils like what David Sedaris has been doing since his mid twenties. But this could be the cutting edge revolution to me. How easy it is now to record fresh ideas and events!

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