Don’t Make Just a Living. Make a Mark, Says Roy Peter Clark

Roy Peter Clark made a point to ponder. As an author, you must write something throughout your life. Something to remember for gerenations after you after you perish. Whether it be a blog post like this or a mini novel or a short story compilation or anything you can write and people want to read.

Sometimes I fear my life will get wasted and it pushes me forward like a propeller of a huge cruise ship, to create something for my offsprings, if any, or anyone after I’m gone. Because I have chosen the path of a an author, I now am thinking of publishing my own stories. Any stories, real or fictitious. Just as many as I can. I wish I could be a very prolific author, producing stories like a machine but with subtlety and taste of a philosopher and structure of a grammarian, and uniqueness of an artisan.

Let’s start now!

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Writer & yogi
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