How Does It Feel to Write a Story without any Climaxes and Conflicts?

I remember when my writer pal Titik Kartitiani joked,”I imagine someone wrote a story as flat and boring as daily routines. We don’t have to think of anything that excites readers, just provide lengthy recounts of happenings, events. Will such a story invite readers or make them frown with dislike?”

That kind of story, however, may exist and people simply pick it and add it to their reading list or read it on and on just because they like the flow of the story, or the punch lines or the most glorious or most pathetic part of the plot.

Again, David Sedaris shows us that without conflicts at an epic scale or problems that leads to life or death, we authors or storytellers can still enchant readers, viewers or listeners. He uses daily experiences as the raw materials, and they’re absolutely not anything that will make us drop our dear jaws. It’ s more about how he tells the stories rather than the colossal conflicts or plot or complications or resolutions that are more intriguing but can hardly be encountered in everyday lives, which ultimately makes them more difficult to relate to?

I can conclude Sedaris writes ordinary stuff that almost everyone can relate to. His childhood or past might not be as adventurous as Laura Ingals, or as scary as Anne Frank, or as magical as
Harry Potter stories but still he ‘wins’ by being himself. He writes as himself and no one therefore can beat him for being the best David Sedaris.

So don’t worry if we think we just finish a terribly boring story. With a little twist here and finetuning there, it’s going to be much better, more amusing a story for anyone to read.

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