The Moment I Found My ‘Twin’


While waiting for the food I ordered at my regular eatery, someone came in.

We saw each other – a few seconds of eye contact and nothing happened- and he ordered ketoprak, a food basically loaded with tons of carbohydrates. I was waiting for gado-gado, an option of meal that seems healthier as it is of vegetables and a half slice of chicken egg. The fried peanut sauce may be the one villainous ingredient on the plate.

He stands around 5 feet 3 inches. He has got that brawny and boyish figure. There is almost no stubble of facial hair. No beard, no sideburns. Even moustache barely grows right above his thin lips. The slim-and-fit denim and dark navy blue polo t-shirt seem to be his statement of casual latest fashion, things I also wear often. His nose is decent, neither too diminutive nor super huge. His straight black hair is combed to the left. No excessive fat deposit is in sight, and he’s got that thin body that I bet won’t exceed 60 kgs when weighed on a bathroom scale. And his eyes are glued to the smartphone screen. With a pair of small eyes protected by black-framed glasses, this young man is, I suppose, just like me. Wait, is he my twin?

But he eats faster and much noisier than I do…

Maybe we are not that identical but well, who knows?

Now I am wondering, what if I have a twin sibling? Could it be fun or hellish?

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