If You Want to Write Long, Begin by Writing Short

Roy Peter Clark says so and I just can’t agree more.

I can tell you I have done too much short-writing. Yet, I have no idea whether my brief pieces are quite good or just so so or mediocre. I hate to say this, but a writer does need acknowldgment from others, even the writeups are just not meant to be read by others. Even if it’s a personal diary, we still need the acknowldgment from ourselves.

Writing short is an art itself. As a web content writer, I know how it feels to create a short piece within only 20 minutes, without further editing or editorial check. That’s how I mostly write along a typical day. Because we are thirst of hits, pageviews, visitors, and an improved Alexa ranking. I don’t truly care but when my employer says so, that means I have to care. All those things are to me merely byproducts, but these people think they’re everything. Poor them. Wrong mindset and what can I do about it? Nothing.

So I stop complaining about all the crap and non-sense. It won’t change things no matter what. And instead, I pour my energy into something greater and more productive; writing. What else?

As a novice journalist, this could be my baby step to the acme of my career. The career of writing…

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