MacBook Air vs Ultrabook: Which Wins?


The professor’s brand new MacBook Air is on the left and my Samsung ultrabook is on the right. Which one wins?

Well, maybe I don’t have to compare them. It’s simply unfair to compare two products placed in different  market segments. Yet, if I really really have to do it, I’ll choose Samsung ultrabook over the MacBook Air.

First of all, Samsung ultrabooks are priced more reasonably. For a sleek, robust personal portable computer like this, I can expect it to last for at least 5 years to come. Sounds too long? Samsung is really well known for its quality. I once saw a relic, bulky, rather cumbersome laptop my Korean neighbor had had and used for like 6-7 years. The battery sucked but the charger still worked relatively well. But that’s quite normal when you have an old PC that old. In the meantime, the professor told me before she pruchased the MacBook Air, she also used MacBook for her entire mobile computing and it lasted 6-7 years. She blamed it all on the intermittent power cuts and surcharges in India, where she resides with her 83-year-old mother. “The hard disk got burned down in some way,”she told us. So with a much lower price tag, you actually can enjoy the similar ruggedness of the MacBook Air in a Samsung ultrabook. Isn’t it fantastically great for price conscious consumers like me?

Second of all, it’s Asian. The brand is no doubt Asian. The Samsung product is made in Asia, if it isn’t in South Korea. The one I have was made in China. Plus, I am an Asian. So, what would suit me better?  It seems subjective and fanatic, but wait, I guess that’s what being an Apple fanboy is all about right? I can be a Samsung fanboy as well to make this even.

Third of all, let’s avoid consumerism. Why so? Because it’s the Samsung ultrabook that I have right here, right now. Even if I want to trade the ultrabook with the MacBook Air, I need to spend more money. What I want is I buy a product, whether it be MacBook or something else, with good reason, instead of buying it on a whim.

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