How MacBook Air Changed J. K. Rowling’s Life


“Do you take notes on the computer?”, Ann Patchet asks Rowling. “Do you have like old disks?”

She answers with slight hesitation,”Hmm, it sounds like a product placement but still I’m going to say it.. Hmm.. The MacBook Air changed my life. (claps from the audience) It did! It changed my life. I used to think,’How can people carry the laptop around? It’s so heavy, clunky, but it (MacBook Air) is notebook-size and it’s just great. And I can now work, realllyy… anywhere.”

Well, before that, in 2006 Rowling was seen finishing her final draft of Harry Potter series on a Hewlett-Packard laptop, which looked, by today’s standard, so cumbersome.

I wonder whether Rowling ever writes on a BlackBerry, too. If so, she might be just writing anytime anywhere. Like me and you.

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