I am Not a Huge Fan of Kittens but I Do Hope Danang Sutowijoyo Learns His Lesson

A bloody psychotic stunt, a friend on Facebook puts it…

As reported by many major news outlets in the country, we are appalled by the autrocity of mr. Danang Sutowijoyo, a man who proudly declared on the social networks that he had murdered some innocent kittens with his rifle. Pretty fly for a Yogyakarta guy. Wait, is this Yogyakarta a place deemed to be the epicentrum of noble Javanese cultures?!

As Indonesian, I know that this nation has no strong history of wildlife preservation. We ignore them, let them perish before our eyes, and make other nations furious for our ignorance of all these things. It’s not all of us though. Some people do care.

As for me, I’m no huge fan of any animals so I find it hard to relate to the hatred every cat lover on earth throws at Danang. But it doesn’t mean I approve of such luciferish cruelty. Really, what Danang did is too much, even for a cat hater. Cats and kittens are creatures that won’t harm you in any possible way except you provoke them to scratch on your face. Just leave them alone and you’ll be fine. Why shoot them? Why didn’t Danang shoot those disgusting and horrible rats and mice instead? Such a wretched fool. Now pay the price because domestic animals savior organization “Animal Defenders” is ready to tell you what cats mean to them.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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