Learning Google Analytics for Free

Learning something useful for free must never get wasted. So I signed up for the course, hoping to get certified too. And it says:

“Do you ever wonder if you’re getting the most out of your Analytics reports? In this self-paced online course we’ll dive deeper into how the platform collects, transforms, and organizes data in Analytics. Understanding how this works can help you refine your implementation and uncover more valuable insights about your business.

Course highlights include:

  • the four components of the Analytics platform: collection, processing, configuration and reporting
  • how Analytics collects the data you need across different devices
  • how your data is transformed before you see it in your reports
  • key concepts for customizing your Analytics data in useful ways

The course begins March 11, 2014. Check the FAQs for more details.


Google Analytics Platform Principles

Thank you for registering for the course!
Be sure to check your email inbox for messages from the Analytics Academy course staff. You can also check the Announcements for the latest course news and FAQ page for specific deadlines.

If you’re new to Google Analytics and haven’t yet taken the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course, we recommend completing it before getting started with this course.

Course Instructor
This course is taught by Justin Cutroni, Digital Analytics Advocate at Google.

Course Schedule

  • Not yet submitted Pre-Course Survey
  •  Unit 1 – Platform Fundamentals
  •  Unit 2 – Collection
  •  Unit 3 – Processing & Configuration
  •  Unit 4 – Reporting
  •  Final Assessment
  •  Post-Course Survey

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