Quotations, Great Short Writing Examples

So I’m now reading Roy Peter Clark’s “How to Write Short”. I found it such a great book as it provides some exercises called “Grace Notes”. I don’t know why it’s called Grace in the first place. Maybe Clark tries to convince us that brevity in writing may translate to grace. On the first Grace Notes, he advises that I keep a daybook devoted to short writing. Well, because I’m a blogger, this blog could be my daybook. I can capture and publish my thoughts anytime anywhere as long as there’s cellular coverage around here. And he also wants me to include examples of great short writing collected from other sources. Well, again, because this is a digital age when collecting and curating is just a few clicks away, I now use some mobile applications on my Android phone. The apps contain a huge number of quotations of authors, businessmen, thought leaders, influencers, etc. I at times tweet them or publish them on my Facebook page and wall.

Also, Clark says quotations are the best form of short writing. I can’t agree more. Quotations are short sentences that are written with full awareness and profound experience of life. It’s an essence, extract of wisdom that normally provides deep impact on any of its readers.

Today, I’ll bring you this quotation about quotation. I hope you’ll like it.

“The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages may be preserved by quotation.”-Isaac D’Israeli (British author)

Now that I have an example, Clark wants me to write short pieces of my own inspired by one I collected. Here are mine.

1. “Quotations are pearls of wisdom” (too cheesy?)
2. “Only quote sentences with substance” (too awkward?)
3. “Quoting quotes won’t make us any wiser” (too lame?)
4. “Never trust a quotation you like 100%. You’ll have to test it still” (too unnatural?”

What do you think? Did I do it right? Or wrong? Any comments would be much appreciated.

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