Jokowi The Doll

Yesterday Jakarta governor Joko Widodo, or maybe now I should say Jokowi the doll, is officially a candidate of the presidential election this year. It was Megawati who told him to do so.

Why is this news after all? Why am I not stunned at all?

He’s the best, at least to some of us. But if you ask me, I can’t say Jokowi’s the best but he, I admit, managed to prove himself to be one of the very few leaders who walk their talk, care about his people, and are acknowledged by the international audience to be hugely influential. Remember his amazing achievement as a mayor.

Jokowi can be the best though, to me, only and if only he can show the entire nation he would be FREE from the influence of Megawati “The Godmother” Sukarnoputri. Yet, now he can’t convince me whether his loyalty to the party (whose demi-god to worship is Megawati) or the people he leads will come first. This is hard for voters who set a very high expectation like I do before casting their ballots but Jokowi is the best of the worst, to say the least.

He surely will leave the office and Basuki a.k.a. Ahok after being elected and I hope he won’t leave you too, Jokowi’s staunch fans, when later on Megawati wants to take control of the country through her dear puppet: Joko WidoDOLL. I don’t want him being a puppet in any possible way because Megawati will be right behind him with strings to take control but this is the bureaucracy he needs to deal with when he entered politics. It must suck to be Jokowi right now. I too hope his charm won’t fade away this way (being controlled like a puppet), just because the party wants him to do so.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the political drama of the year. May the best (of the worst) man win…

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