The Power of Regular Self Practice as a Yogi and Writer

“I believe that we learn by practice. Practice means to perform over and over again, in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire.”- Martha Graham

At Christina Sell’s yoga workshop, I discovered this quote and found this so eye-opening to me, simply because I hate the regularity, commitment and hard work that makes me feel leashed. Maybe the core message is not new anymore but it means a lot to a yogi cum a writer.
Now I guess I have to tell myself on and on that self practice that is done regularly, daily even, is a must so I can be a really professional yogi and writer as fast as I can. I must not waste my precious time.
And that means I also have to learn NOT to hear praises. Praises that I am so talented. Praises that I am perfect already. Praises that I am already amazing without any conscious and deliberate efforts.
I know I write well but the fact that I am not a published writer is a huge wake-up blow. I know I can write like no one else can but I haven’t made a considerable sum of money with the talent. And though money is not everything to me, it still indicates how much appreciation people give to my works.
So I now have submitted my writeups to a friend who will help me publish them along with other writers’ works. It would be my first published works people will read. Small and insubstantial as it may seem but that provides a good start.
That way, I know someday I’ll quit my day job and work from a serene countryside home, writing and doing yoga in the fresh clean open air and on a green lawn no urban people can have.

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2 Responses to The Power of Regular Self Practice as a Yogi and Writer

  1. I love your plan of the serene countryside home – if I could spend my days with doing Yoga and writing I would be the happiest person!

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