From #tweetsfromthetop Event in Jakarta

This is my first second post on this blog in April. I can’t tell you how busy I have gotten these past weeks. I lost my paternal grandmother fortnight ago. And I’m sure she is resting in utter and complete peace now. No pain, no strain.

Life goes on no matter what…

So tonight I intended to show her I’m living my life to the fullest, by following my passion: writing, social media and yoga. It’s the best life ever for me now and while it lasts, I want to enjoy it the best I could.

And this #tweetsfromthetop project is actually ‎about the celebration of life itself. The event was hosted by Punang at Ogilvy’s Kino Cafe. It’s about how to inspire more people out there with tweets that matter most. Because tweets that matter most are sometimes not the ones which get talked about most (meaningfulness versus virality). That’s why Twitter needs us, any Twitter users whether it be avid or occasional ones, to serve as crowdsourced curators. From oceans of tweets on the web, we are to collect and sort the best tweets of the Twitter accounts we think worth-following. Go to the official webpage of #tweetsfromthetop and fill out the nomination electronic form, said Mr. Singh of Twitter (@parrysingh). That easy.IMG_20140416_193252[1]

Some prominent social media figures and bloggers were present, just like Enda Nasution (@enda) and @ndorokakung. These two are among few Indonesians who first started to blog years ago.





Stephanie Wiriahardja of Hootsuite gave me these notebooks. Meanwhile, Twitter gave me the previous edition of #tweetsfromthetop.

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