Treat Reporters with Respect!

sarah lacy

Unlike some bitches who run blogging businesses, Lacy knows what she’s doing.

If you exploit people (read: your workers), at least give them what they need to do their work. That ONLY happens to sane employers. Because I’ve noticed most of employers just don’t.

But I don’t even bother. AT ALL.

To some, Sarah Lacy of Pando Daily (  may be the bitch of tech blog world but I cannot agree more with her bold statements on why you employers must respect your reporters (and I trust her because she walked her talks, she was a reporter herself):

“So in order to do that (building a profitable blog business), I need to attract really really good reporters and you do that in a couple of ways. One of them is pay them good salaries. I think that reporters deserve good salaries. And I’m not talking about six figures or even hundreds of thousands of dollars but I’m certainly not talking about 25-30 grand, which is alot of blogs are paying in the first version of blogs. I think they deserve benefits. I think they deserve health care. I think they deserve a new computer if they need one. I think I literally feel like Oprah every day in my company because people would say…People call me and being like…Hmm, long preamble like why they can’t do their job because of their 6-year-old computer. And I said,’Just come to Apple Store and get another one. And they said like,’Really??’ Yes, you need this to do your job. Just treating reporters with dignity by giving them the tools they need is amazingly disruptive. I think the other side of that is freeing them up to do really great work. We require that our reporters di 1-2 stories a day, NOT 6-10! “

I hope this talks through someone’s mind out there and finally provide some enlightenment on why her online business would never ever reap profits. Haha!

Reporters I spotted at Indonesia Stock Exchange today are typing like crazy to get the writeup done before deadline.

Reporters I spotted at Indonesia Stock Exchange today are typing like crazy to get the writeup done before deadline.




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