On Being A Reclusive Writer

Recluse (adjective) : avoiding the company of other people; solitary


Watching a documentary movie on famous reclusive American author J. D. Salinger makes me obsessed with the lifestyle of a recluse as a writer. If you’re like me, writing in the middle of constant turbulent commotion is like a pain in the ass. I have to make a conscious effort to work like a normal person, that is to say, make jokes when I don’t feel like I want to, get together with coworkers when I don’t have to, getting distractions when I am supposed to be writing and productive. They think I’m asocial when I refuse to type when they throw jokes. Truthfully, I don’t mind. I don’t bother. All I want is some peace to work in.

So this is what I plan for some years ahead:

  1. Build my reputation as a writer.
  2. Arm myself with any skills important to being a professional author.
  3. Get myself a small house with lawns and organic farms around it and leave the hectic urban areas of Jakarta to live in an idyllic countryside where Internet connection does still reach me.
  4. Become a recluse.
  5. Teach yoga in a very small, private class.


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