Feel, Feel and Feel

“Don’t overstretch. Just feel your body.”- Bryan Jones

Exactly, sir!

I am called a bendy boy by most of my friends because bending my body is so easy, much easier than packing some extra pounds. Sadly enough, I am not so proud of it.
Because my bendiness is also my weakness. I cannot feel my body properly. That way, my skills of being a teacher are questioned. By whom? Myself! How can I teach when I cannot explain and tell them what I feel? What sensation do I feel when I for instance do a forward bend? This is all because I manage to do that quite effortlessly. I didn’t know how I possibly came into it. It just happened. Poof! Abrakadabra! I experimented aimlessly, having no clear expectation from my yoga practice and all is coming without me asking.

Thus my homework is now to figure out how to control my bendiness so as to make me feel better. I am welcome to any sensations, even that means pain.


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