Frances Chan, A Girl Whose Feelings I can Totally Relate to

“Too much of something is bad enough […]
Too much of nothing is just as tough …”

Like overweight people, underweight people are also unhappy because people think they are having problems. And somebody needs to rescue them from the disaster of being overly skinny. Like me, and Frances Chan.

According to some reports, Chan – who is a Yale junior – has to defend her rights to have a genetically skinny body. Isn’t that as bad as skin color discrimination? Even not all these skinny people really want to be that skinny you know! Because of the silly pressure like one given by the Harvard officials, hard gainers are likely to fall prey of the unhealthy diets. As put it, Frances Chan will “no longer have to cram her body full of ice cream and Cheetos in order to put on weight.” Ridiculous! No one should eat that much only to please other people or only to look fuller but not necessarily healthier.

Yale officials argued that Chan stands 5’2” but merely weighs 92 lbs.. They stated that her body mass index was too low. That said, they began requiring her weekly weigh-ins and urine tests to prove she didn’t have an eating disorder.

“It felt really bad to be this powerless,” Chan told the New Haven Register. “I ate ice cream twice a day. I ate cookies. I used elevators instead of walking up stairs. But I don’t really gain any weight.”

She preserves calories taken and tries to be as sedentary as she could and eats junk foods like that. What is the point of it all? She is healthy and functioning. That I cannot understand.

Again it is said in spite of her efforts, the 20-year-old was only able to gain two pounds. Chan says her whole family is slight of frame, and naturally thin. That explains!!!

Frustrated with the situation (well, who isn’t??), the history major penned a piece for the Huffington Post detailing her struggles with Yale.

“No more weigh-ins, no more blood draws. I don’t have an eating disorder, and I will not let Yale Health cause me to develop one,” Chan wrote. Well put, dear!

“If Yale wants to kick me out, let them try — in the meantime, I’ll be studying for midterms, doing my best to make up for lost time.”

Harvard, our weight is absolutely none of your business!

Chan also wrote a letter to Yale President Peter Salovey. “At Yale, you’re taught to be the change that you want to see in the world,” Chan said. “Well, this seems like an easy thing to change.”

On Friday, Chan was allowed to see a new physician. “So she trusts that I do not have an eating disorder and admitted that ‘we made a mistake,’” Chan said.

She agreed to continue being monitored by Yale Health, but only has to check in once per semester.

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