What a Talented Writer Does

Earlier today, I wrote and published stuff with a topic I never gave a thought‎ before: politics. Once I finished writing it all, I felt like feeling dead tired. And several thousands people liked the articles. Simply unbelievable. I am therefore feeling happy and tired intellectually.

It doesn’t stop there though. A friend praised me, calling me “a talented writer”. I hopped with joy and pride but well, what’s next? ‎I feel the urge of creating something but I need to ask myself what I must create. All I can do is write, but what to write? A novel, a short story, a poem? In what language?

“A talented writer like you should write more articles like that. To give a real and useful contribution to the society. To give a deep comprehension to the public about what is going on,”he wrote. I did NOT write back. I did not thank him for saying so in fear of him regretting his own statement. Maybe he was drunk-commenting, but I don’t think he was. He is quite health-conscious so there is very remote chance to see him drunk. There is some part of me that begs him to blurt more praise but then I am disgusted by myself, my own greed of compliment. Yet, I know he told the truth because he doesn’t provide compliment so easily. He is erudite enough to judge my writing and I am glad to have him as one of my readers.

But I need to do more…

Yes, I do need to do more than come to the office at 8.30 every single workday in my lifetime, sit for like 8 hours straight in an overly air-conditioned news room, find news pieces from various sources only to paraphrase it, work with loud coworkers who don’t seem to understand my ultimate demand of ‎ silent working atmosphere to stay focused, avoid being a mediocre journalist who merely copies and pastes news from other more popular sites, get sleepy at work, get scolded when articles’ hits are lower than expectation or target, work like a slave for some people instead of myself and go home with dizzy sensation in my head.

I need a career revamp, but I don’t need bosses in any possible way. I need partners, but never employers. Still I have to figure out how I can survive without the benefits. How must I start? When? Where?

Perhaps I have got to keep waiting for some miracles to occur. In the meantime, I must write more and more and more, in a better fashion, in a more creative manner‎. Day and night I would be hammering the best literary works I can produce with one thing in my mind: that every letter written drags me closer to being a successful, financially stable and liberated writer.

Amen to that!

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