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Jimmy Wales is quietly building the world’s largest repository of Jimmy Wales-related knowledge

Should I build a repository of my own trivia, too? Like: what does Akhlis like most from politics; whom did Akhlis vote for?; why does Akhlis loathe soccer?

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Hari Pertamaku di Sekolah

‎Kudus, Juli 1989 Horeee!!! Akhirnya aku lulus juga dari TK‎ Pertiwi. Syukurlah bisa pindah ke sini. Aku sudah bosan bermain-main dengan teman-teman yang bengis itu. Betisku sakit karena pernah disabet lidi oleh mereka. Kalau mau menggambar pun, krayon-krayon kesukaanku jadi … Continue reading

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If You Hate Someone Else’s News, Write Your Own!

‎Yes, you read it right. And there I said it. I recall a seasoned foreign journalist commented when asked about his opinion on citizen journalism,”‎If someone doesn’t like what he reads, then he should write his own for himself to … Continue reading

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The 2nd Aftermath

Getting out of the lift, heading home after work. (Approaching) “I heard you wrote something about Lee Kuan Yew on your blog.” “Gosh, can’t believe it. Not again…” (Cracking a laugh) “Well you know.. My dad is somewhat curious…” “Ok.” … Continue reading

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The Aftermath

Jelang istirahat siang, hendak masuk lift. “Eh, ada orang terkenal!” “Hah?” “Lo yang nulis itu artikel tentang PS di Kompasiana kan?” “Hmm.. Iya..” “Banyak temen gue yang share di fb. Pas gue klik, eh nama elu.” “Oh ya?” “Iya, kan … Continue reading

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