If You Hate Someone Else’s News, Write Your Own!

‎Yes, you read it right. And there I said it.

I recall a seasoned foreign journalist commented when asked about his opinion on citizen journalism,”‎If someone doesn’t like what he reads, then he should write his own for himself to read.”

So I did. I wrote my own stuff. I write things I enjoy to read, which Twilight series author Stephenie Mayer also finds true. She on one occasion (an interview with TIME Magazine) stated she wrote the novels in the first place just because she wanted to write ones she would enjoy reading. So if you think Meyer wrote it up for you readers, you got it wrong. She wrote those thick books for herself. And later on she sent the scripts to more than ten publishers. Yeah, that selfish an author should become if you want to know. We don’t give our readers a damn, we care more about ourselves.

I too care more about myself when it comes to writing anything. I am a self-proclaimed jerk with a high tendency of stubbornness and a worshipper of ‎freedom. I hate being told what to do. It is by no means arrogance but more about independence.

‎That said, I wish you happy new week.

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