Must an Aspiring Writer Take Paid Writing Courses and Have a Writing Mentor?

‎I am an aspiring writer myself and I once heard some award-winning authors in Indonesia like Ayu Utami opened a public writing courses or classes. This is not only as part of a writer’s credential or “license to write” to some. But to me it means a lot more than just something to add to your portfolio on LinkedIn so there would be more people on the web know your writing expertise.

At first I was just questioning. I argued paid writing classes would be just a waste of money. I thought it was only a way of these artists of words to make more money off of their fans base. Senseless, I know. But you know the main message:paid courses are relatively useless. I could just practice or write some books I can buy anywhere.

Yet, today I discovered it is not the case. I need living mentors. I need talks, inputs, feedbacks, criticism, praise as well as mockery. And books, however they can be inspiring and insightful, won’t bring me a great deal of invaluable lessons acquired through human interactions. These humans I interact with had better be a group of trusted, experienced professionals whose words I can rely on to propel myself forward.

So besides the lure of certificates to adorn the LinkedIn resume, ‎I am now trying to convince myself to sign up for a writing course. Because seriously, I want to improve my writing skills. I want to be as professional as I can be in this very field.

So if you ask me now the same question in the title above, I guess you now know the answer.

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