The Writing Muscles

“How can you make time for blogging?”
“How is it possible to write between your day job activities?”

I bumped into a friend on our way home a few days ago and he hurled the questions at me. I just grinned. He seemed to follow me on Path and sometimes clicks on my latest blog post links.

I blog quite often, it’s true. But I never consider it a daily chore. It is part of my process to activate and perpetually strengthen the so-called WRITING MUSCLES.

Although I know I am an amateurish writer but one thing I learn is that:

“A professional is an amateur who persists.”

So my daily posts could be the path leading me to leveraging my writing “talent” (?) at its best.

I really hope so 🙂


This blog’s keeper

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1 Response to The Writing Muscles

  1. theveganmuffinwoman says:

    Great quote! And I like to think that to be true, too.

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