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Kara Swisher: Journalists Need to Be More Entrepreneurial, Too!

So Kara Swisher urges journalists to be more entrepreneurial. She said so during her interview with Jason Calacanis as a response to a question from one of the people in the audience whether there is still more room for aspiring … Continue reading

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Writing the Easiest Fiction is Much Harder than the Most Complex Non Fiction, Claims Ann Patchett

‎”Fiction is always really a labor. The hardest piece of non-fiction I ever wrote is NOT anywhere close to the easiest piece of fiction.”- Ann Patchett As she talked about her non fiction work This is the Story of a … Continue reading

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Belajar Jurnalistik dari SpongeBob

‎Dibandingkan serial kartun Barat lainnya, saya suka SpongeBob Squarepants, makhluk rekaan berwarna kuning yang bentuknya mirip spon cuci piring kita. Serial The Simpsons sebenarnya juga menarik dan guyonan serta satirnya sangat menohok dan cerdas. Pada kenyataannya, bagi saya The Simpsons … Continue reading

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