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The Father of Modern Yoga BKS Iyengar Dies at 95

Born on 14 December 1918, our yoga role model authoring Light on Yoga (dubbed as the bible of yoga these days) died in Bellur, British India today 20 August 2014. He is 95 years old. It’s a very devastating piece … Continue reading

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XeeFunApps is Too Creepy an App

Wow how accurate this application can measure my personality shown on social media really amazes and cringe me at the very same time. XeeFunApps.com enables you to get to know yourselves with a single click, and voila! Your personality or … Continue reading

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What? You Need to Be More Extroverted to Be a Writer?

At the first time, what snapped in my mind when someone says “writer” is introversion. The writing world is, to me,  the quiet and peaceful utopian world where someone with the tendency of introversion can safely earn a living without … Continue reading

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#icebucketchallenge: Why?

Yesterday it was uber tech blogger Sarah Lacy whom I saw on YouTube accepting this ice bucket challenge from the bearded LinkedIn executive Jeff Weiner. Her colleague Paul Carr and her toddler son Eli was spotted helping her throwing the … Continue reading

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