You Do Not Choose Your Passion. It Chooses You, says John Irving

‎It’s a quarter past midnight. I just met too many people with lots of stories to tell, and guess what? There’s a voice inside my head that keeps telling me:”Write about them NOW.” My logic rebutted,”For God’s sake, it’s time to get some sleep!”‎ Besides, it’s Friday night! My body is demanding some rest.

‎That reminds me of John Irving, whose quotation I used as the blogpost title. He seems quite right about it. I have no idea why I like writing a little bit too much. It just happens. Without any logical explanation for that. Writing chose me and I didn’t know why it did.

So please understand if you someday bump into someone like me with tired eyes and tiny, seemingly weightless figures, ask him if he or she is currently obsessed by something. They may look tired and sad but deep inside they have that flaming spirit.

Anyway, it feels great to know you can spill something before bedtime to clear up your mind. And by the way, I need some sleep now. Sleep only to wake up for another writing labor which is full of love. Yeah, writing is pretty much a labor of love to me. Earnestly…

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