August 27, 2014

  • Overwork or Underwork? You Decide

    ‎I read the other day an article endorsing the idea of “work harder, fellows!” and days before that, I happened to see someone – a serial entrepreneur – with a suggestion of less work, more productivity in order to achieve the work-life balance. I just nodded and came up with my own opinion. I am… Continue reading

  • Happy Birthday to This Blog!

      If I didn’t have this blog, I might have gone mad, psychologically troubled. It helps a lot when I need to shout but my mouth cannot say a word. It aids me to handle the influx of ideas, which would be otherwise a waste of intellect. These ideas would be wild, unorganized but the… Continue reading

  • Korea dalam Realita

    Seperti gading, tiada bos yang tak retak… Begitu peribahasa modifikasinya. Pokok bahasan yang satu itu tidak pernah kering sampai akhir zaman nanti, saya yakin. Selalu saja ada yang bisa diperbincangkan, dikritisi, dicela, dicaci, dan jika ada, dipuji, dari seorang bos. “Halo, gimana kabarnya?”sapanya ramah di suatu pagi yang bersuasana biasa saja di sebuah ruang bawah… Continue reading