In the Era of Self-Appointed CEOs

Being a CEO or leader has never been this easy like now. You can easily claim you’re a successful person as you wish, merely because you claim yourself to be so on the social media, whether it be your LinkedIn profile, your Instagram or Twitter bio, even on your page.


I’ve seen lots of people like this. They’re great except that they overestimate themselves. I tell you I’m not that good at tolerating this self-bragging attitude and behaviors. Hence, I’m venting here, on my own blog, which is legal but still I need to watch my words so as not to overly offend those who feel they’re part of the group. Here’s my disclaimer: only A LIMITED NUMBER of startup CEOs, NOT ALL OF THEM.

My story went like this. I met with a guy, a future entrepreneur, who claimed to be a CEO of an online business -which is nothing than a parked domain to me- but still works as an employee of an established corporation. And he claimed he is truly experienced in this field, in that sector, in this area, in that niche. Possibly he’s right in some statements, the rest of them? There’s a huge question mark hanging there. He has done A, been in B, as he claimed on the bio page. Also, he poured it all on his LinkedIn profile, crediting also some hard works of his colleagues. It’s so sickening that you feel this person must learn a lesson:appreaciating someone else’s hard work as well.

So much, I don’t want to be such a person. Awful and obnoxious on so many levels. Desperately seeking for attention of head hunters or potential investors or … ? Maybe that’s the way he is.

Too long a preamble, I suppose.

What I’m trying to say is this:Self-deprecating attitude and behaviors are very much welcome, more than the self-bragging ones. No matter how shiny the facade of a building may get, it won’t impress people much when they get into the building only to find crappy interior design and unclassy taste or savage dwellers inside.

Never brag too much. It won’t work anyway.

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