She Wants Her Son to Be a Rich Author. I Laugh.

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Authors are rich but the rich authors are only a limited number among millions.

I know I’m being really MEAN.

So my landlady has a son and he too wants so much to make money from this information business.  Guess what, he co-authored a book along with his senior trainer and they published a book via a major publisher. So I heard. He rocked. They rocked. At least, they produced a tangible product, readable and buyable. “Profitable” is not the priority when you’re no one as a fledgling author. You need to gather fame and build reputation at the very onset.

That sounds like an easy story to tell but it wasn’t actually. He had to wake up at night, and typed some lines on the red Asus netbook he bought last year from me. He was that persevere. Kind of admirable spirit, which you are likely to possess at its highest amount throughout your life time during your teenage years.

And then my landlady was telling us how much she wants her son to be a wealthy and famous author just like Iwan Setyawan, who is known in Indonesia for his autobiographical book “9 Summers 10 Autumns“.

But becoming an author is not an instant get-rich method. NOT AT ALL. She misunderstood this and that explained why I laughed.

Conventional publishing proves to be the culprit. I know it’s sickening to read complaints about how fucked up the publishing world to most of future authors but that’s pretty much the fact.

That being said, I’m now trying to explore a new method of getting my ideas printed without having to be the slaves of major publishers like Gramedia Pustaka Utama, the publisher my landlady’s son went to seek help. Yes, self publishing may be the answer to our major issue.

Even you’re a best seller author, still you must find another job to support yourself and people you love. And it also happens in the US, which is way more advanced in terms of publishing and welfare compared to Indonesia. In the US, it is said that authors usually are given 50,000 dollars in advance. That’s a meager amount of money by US standard. That explains a lot why authors often have to work as a teacher, lecturer, reporter, article contributors, journalists, or even bartender. And even one of my friends who writes novels also worked in a retail industry. Sadly he is now unemployed, which I already predicted long before he got fired. The job was clearly not designed for him. Too harsh and unrelated to the world he like most: writing.

I too want to be an author, a published one. I wish I could resign from the current job I’m now doing as I cannot stand the workload and working methods of corporate world but I need to remind myself that it frees me from the financial distress like this. A financial ordeal authors likely to deal with. Thus, I simply need to hone my writing skills and broaden my networks in the publishing industry before I really jump into it. Someday…

How much I long for that day!

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2 Responses to She Wants Her Son to Be a Rich Author. I Laugh.

  1. Yes, I and hundreds, maybe thousands of authors agree with you. But Amazon is the culprit, not having a slush pile resulting in amazon being the largest slush pile in the world.
    Bezos has a sleazy way to earn money by lending/renting out ebooks for a fixed sum per month.
    Bezos, in his eyes, was forced to do this because of trashy ebooks rejected by readers; he was ‘losing’ money, but he is too dumm to realise his mistake and too stupid to admit it to himself.
    I know, he’s rich and I’m not.
    I write because I love it. I read my own books as well as others. I have an extensive library all of them on paper.
    I still upload my ebooks at amazon (as well as other distributors) and will continue to do so as maybe, a very tiny maybe, Mr Bezos will realise the error of his ways and learn to love books more than money.

    • akhlis says:

      Hi Bill. Thanks for reading this. It is a more complex issue than it seems. Bu let’s see the silver lining in the grey cloud. More works get published.

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