When iOS 8 Gets Installed on iPhone 4S

‎It’s out of sheer curiosity. So I updated my operation system though I have been warned the iPhone 4S would work a bit more slowly. Let it be. Come what may. ‎

Here we go! Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence, now we have a more secure operation system. Prior to using your iPhone 4s with iOS 8 on it, you must set 3 extra layers of security in the form of security questions. IMG_3943.PNG

Apple wants it way more secure by requiring you provising another email address. Nice.


Oh and this!


A friend with iPhone 5S commented on my experiment of installing iOS 8 but well, for the sake of better security, why not?! He argued no one wanted to hack my phone. Leaking nude photos of mine is impossible simply because I never snap any of it.

As for the phone battery durability after the installation of iOS 8, I guess there’s no significant improvement or degradation. The battery lasts pretty much like before. The speed of web surfing is also not considerably lowering. At large, it’s not that bad!

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