BlackBerry Still Rocks, so Do iPhone and Android

“Still a huge fan of BlackBerry?”‎he mocked me while I had my handset in hand. I was there, eating my meal and guess what, blogging (now you all know why I blog a little bit too frequently). On my BlackBerry, I find it more convenient to type because the keyboard is still cute and wildly functional to me.

It got me thinking:”Why are people so mean to me just because I’m (and will be) using BlackBerry?”‎ I love it for a strong reason: blogging.

At work, I have a bunch of coworkers who are, let me call them this way, Android maniacs. These folks are those typical fandroid who may be willingly married and having an intercourse with their Android handsets if these gadgets were alive.‎ They sneered as I was found to have a BlackBerry handset at work. “Disappointing… Downgrade,”murmured they.

I don’t get the point of this fanaticism.

On another occasion, when I lashed out on Facebook on how my iPhone failed to receive signals several times a day, ‎I was addressed by a distant friend who happened to think I was a hater of Apple products. He himself is a user of iPhone and would love to voluntarily endorse it to anyone he knows about the huge potential of iPhone in improving our lives. I thanked him for the nice words.

Android fans hate BlackBerry, saying it’s obsolete.
Android fans loathe iPhone, arguing it’s overpriced.
iPhone worshippers mock BlackBerry, claiming it has begun to be part of history.
iPhone worshippers dissed Android, accusing Google Play of having too many crappy and spammy apps to lure us.
BlackBerry owners love the joy of typing so hate the sensation of virtual keyboard use but still long for iPhone or Android to enjoy the web surfing.

This has got to cease. Because it’s ridiculously childish.

Buy anything which suits your needs best! Period.

There I said it.

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