How Samsung Agressively Eats up Rivals’ Market Share


If you reside in Jakarta and own an old iPhone or BlackBerry or even Samsung  handset tha, you already think obsolete, here’s the chance for you to literally get a new phone with less money to spend. Look at the list. And this is apparently Samsung’s latest strategy to remain on top of the sales chart in the market of Indonesia, where it already is favored by most smartphone consumers.

Several weeks ago, at an outlet in Kota Kasablanka Mall they applied the same strategy; i.e. allowing old phones owners to trade their handsets with Samsung latest products like Samsung Galaxy S5 or whatever Tabs they recently released. This week they invade Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta, trying hard to win the hearts of many office workers nearby to come and swap. Crap! I need to go there too!!! It’ll last only till September 30th.

If you’re sick with small screens of iPhones, you might find this is your chance to convert.

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