English for Indonesian Entrepreneurs:Is That Necessary?

‎I was wondering if writing a book about English for Indonesian entrepreneurs will help them win international pitching competitions. This idea suddenly popped out of my mind this afternoon as I was watching a literary publisher at Digital Publishing session at Ubud Writers Readers Festival 2014 taking place at a cool coworking space named Hubud.

I remembered Indonesia Young Entrepreneurs founder Christovita Wiloto telling me about the fact that English has become a huge challenge for Indonesian entrepreneurs to go international. And I cannot agree more on this. I saw several pitchings of Indonesian startups at some events meant for global audience, which means they were required to pitch and answer questions from panelists in full English. Sadly, most of the time they sucked. Their English command is far from decent. This language barrier proves to be a subverting factor to their overall confidence on stage. They have the huge ideas, but they don’t master the tool to get their ideas across. And as a language enthusiast, I suppose they should get some help.

That said, do you think it’s necessary to write such a book? Leave a comment on this please.

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