Optimism Arises as New Indonesian Leaders Jokowi-JK Officially Take the Helmet

All is well. Prabowo Subianto shows up. Optimism surges and market reacts to it quiet positively. Rupiah is said to rise and things are so flowery now. No bad news is seen. Smooth sail, up to now.

The best thing grass roots can enjoy after the official appointment ceremony is the fact that they can go to Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (Hotel Indonesia roundabout) and Monas in Central Jakarta this afternoon to see what the elect president will do as a newly appointed leader of this republic and enjoy FREE foods and beverages like bakso (meatballs), dawet, ketoprak,etc.

My father is now at Monas, waiting for Jokowi giving speech and he told me he was watching the update through a wide screen there. He is certainly having a good time!

Because it’s zuhur time , my father is headed to Istiqlal.

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