Jokowi: I’m Stunned by the Reaction

Jokowi, as interviewed by Metro TV, admitted he even was stunned by the intensity of people’s reaction. He said he and Jusuf Kalla felt truly burdened by it all. “I’ve never seen soooo many people standing out there in such hot weather only for this, and I saw many expectations out there, but it should be realized that we need time to improve things.”

Meanwhile, people in Semarang, Central Java, were also celebrating the appointment of Jokowi-JK. Some in Deli Serdang, Sumatra, also showed their huge expectation.

Jokowi was awarded by MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia) as the first Indonesian president to be welcome by people in a massive grass root festivity.

After the appointment, Jokowi-JK are expected to work harder than ever before. Singer Marcel Siahaan emphasized on the mentality revolution and law supremacy. Actor and host Darius Sinatraya stated the complexity of problems the nation is facing right now at almost every level of governance.

I myself have no specific expectation for Jokowi-JK but I really really wish Indonesia can be as big as China and the US. I want to see, in my lifetime, Indonesia is deemed one of the biggest nations on earth. It might not be the best or the strongest (We know how the US ends up by being so ambitious to be the king of the world. It’s self destructive.) but I hope Indonesia is reinforcing its law supremacy and corruption eradication, which involves mentality shift. Corruption is latent because everyone can be a corruptor, regardless of their status or sex or anything.

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