One at a Time

“Nature never hastes. Yet, everything is accomplished.”- Lao Tze

It was 2009. I was jobless, forlorn and almost desperate. Suicidal I might be. It was one of my lowest moments for sure. No job, other than teaching gigs, was available around me. And in front of me was a laptop connected to the web with a cellphone that was so cheap it would only cost you a fraction of money you have to spend for a smartphone.

But it was the dumbphone cum modem which led me to the virtual world, where more job opportunities are scattered all over the place. You name it, it all is there. Hit the search button and you shall get it.

It turned out things were not that easy. I did NOT manage to get even one. And I was blog-walking, only to see a blog about blogging for money. I got really passionate about it. Imagine I could work at home or simply anywhere and voila! Money pops out of nowhere.

That is silly though. Life is never that easy at least for me. This struggle lasted for 8 months. No income, just trying to find any job on the web.

Day by day, I blogged like crazy. One or two posts a day kept me active mentally. It was extremely hard because I had to swallow my pride and idealism. How could on earth I find a job that suited my demand so perfectly? Blogging for money sounded too far away but still I blogged anyway.

I visited so many blogs and tried to leave my digital trails there, hoping for them to visit mine too. And I saw this Chinese guy with his great blog.

Yan, that is his nickname, is a Malaysian Internet marketer. I simply loved his blog. Each of the articles is well written and the design of his blog is really neat and clean. At a first glance it told you how professional bloggers work. He is really professional as far as I know. He taught me once how to spin articles with a software he had given me access to.

A sentence of his I remember most when I was trying to haste to make more money is:”One at a time.” Probably that’s the best approach we need to adopt, not only towards something but also how to live this life.

Everything will be ok as long as you move forward and do your best in life.

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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