Welcome Drought…

‎It’s been 3 days since the last time when the water pump operated and managed to suck water from the bowel of earth for us to shower and wash our dirty laundry and whatever needs cleaning. Now, we are almost entering the state of waterlessness if the other well is dried completely.

We’re not alone though. Some households are also experiencing the similar problem around the neighborhood, Karet Kuningan. They claimed the problem is the rain hasn’t arrived just yet. It was only super light drizzle for several days, but the temperature itself has already gone down. As we all know, the peak of dry season this year has been unusually horrifying. The temp reached 35 degree centigrade and it felt like in Sahara.

Now that ‎we are under such circmstance, we try to seek a scapegoat instead of fixing this unsustainable nature-exploiting behaviors like watering your dear plants or your dusty front yard with CLEAN tap water that actually is more suitable for other purposes like drinking, or bathing. Seriously, this infuriates me. Please, don’t act like clean water is cheap now. Even if it is, your money is useless anyway once the water supply is all used up with such recklessness by us. I cannot stress more! Clean water is a limited natural resource.

It’s time to teach ourselves how to save clean water. Perhaps you can start from closing the tap before you undo your wristwatch or roll your sleeves during wudhu. Or while you brush your teeth‎! I hate it so much when people leave the water runs while they are brushing teeth. No offense but it’s moronic. They let it run just like that and I can’t believe they do it. Craziness!

So the long-term solution wouldn’t be drilling deeper to suck more water from the mother earth, but how we all can change this behavior pattern and mindset towards clean water.

On that note, I think it’s the best time to tell these kids to change the way they use clean water. Unless they’re in a swimming pool, playing with too much clean water ‎should be considered a SIN. Make them feel the guilt of using too much clean water when showering, and they’ll understand:water is NOT to be used at their own disposal.

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