“It’s OK to Be a Loser, as Long as You’re Different”- Akhlis Purnomo

‎Ok, I’ll tell you my friend thinks my sentence up there is pretty inspiring as a quotation. He said he just laughed sarcastically but I knew he’s lying. A total liar! He admired the brilliant quote. So I wrote it here for you all.

For your information, he said what I write on this blog is, to some extent, influential on him. ‎He quit using shampoo after I published my articles on how I stop shampooing. He admitted it in person. He said it’s a total lie. “Just write it as long as you’re happy,” he claimed. He said I was craving for attention, I think he’s telling the truth. And that makes me an attention whore.

Now that I told him to tell me what he wants me to write on this blog, he mentioned nothing. I told him there is no censorship on this blog.

Back to the quote I invented, he thinks it is not that awesome. He suggests another quote.

Oh my God, he rants “embracing” something again. I can’t believe it. Embrace? Again? Maybe he wants some hugs.

Ok, what makes it ok to be a loser who is different?

“Well, seriously, Akhlis needs to listen to Joni Mitchel’s both sides now, so he can learn what the meaning of life…,‎” explained he.


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