The Danger of Mediocrity

‎You want to be excellent. You want to be the best. But what happens is they told you to be average.

And you refuse. The more they tell you to be so so, the more you learn how to persevere in the mediocrity.

You refuse to lower down your standards. You don’t want to be part of the crowd. You only aim to stand out. Different and outstanding. No compromise whatsoever.

Yet you know you have to deal with walls of bureaucracy and comradery. They call you selfish. You want to get better alone. But that’s because you have no time and don’t want to waste more time for those who have no vision, who don’t share the same mission and vision of becoming the best.

Never mind though. You still are determined to move forward, leaving them behind. Not because you’re selfish. But because you have to. Being excellent is a must. Being all out is what you feel you need to do on a daily basis, when people are around or not. You want to get better in every way possible for it. And you never feel embarassed of doing it. You know it’s never wasted. Whole-hearted works never get wasted. Never ever.‎..

Author: akhlis

Writer & yogi

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