Yoga as Circus, Physical Workout, Therapy or Holistic Practice? Your Choice.

“What have you done today aside from yoga poses (asanas)?” wrote someone on the Facebook group I am on days ago. I know what his intention was. He wanted us to learn the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga, the ancient practice.

The other day someone I know posted on Facebook as well: “Hey guys, watch out. Don’t choose a yoga guru who will make you astray from your religious belief. So make sure you stay faithful to your objective of doing yoga, i.e. for your physical health.” This person mentioned about the ‘danger’ of using mantras or chanting throughout yoga classes.

As a response to that heed, another yoga guru – who is more into the deeper and more philosophical side of yoga – tried to sneer. He responded:”It’s totally fine if no one takes my class…” And the rants went on.

Another yoga practitioner also complained when she saw a bunch of people posting endless series of yoga poses on the web. “Come on people! Stop it!”

But wait, are they being judgmental? And why do they have to be that way?

As for me, yoga is an open source of knowledge. It’s like a huge library where you and I and they can visit anytime or even abandon. Anyone can take or leave anything they want or don’t want from it. Freedom and liberation of choice is practiced here and there’s no judgment. You know you’re judging when you act like a judge, thinking:”Ah, my yoga practice is better.” or “Hey, they don’t or can’t do it that way. This way, my way is more suitable, more complete, more….”

Make it stop.

Leave people with all of those choices in front of them. Give them the freedom to decide what suits them best. Maybe what they need is not what we think they need. Maybe what we need is different from what they need. Or similar in several aspects but different in the rest. We’ll never know.

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