January 16, 2015

  • The Yogic Moment of HolyShitasana

    ‎So my yoga pal coined a word for an asana. It’s holyshitasana. Practically speaking, it refers to any yoga poses or asanas that make you scream out of frustration:”Holyyy shitttt!!! Why ain’t it getting any easier every time I give it a try?!!” The answer is our body isn’t built for doing the asanas. Seriously.… Continue reading

  • 12-Inch MacBook Air, Another Incremental Innovation The World Badly Needs

    It was rumored yesteryear already. To be frank , it’s quite stale as news. But why is this still news? Because it’s Apple that produces it. The world doesn’t care about what innovation Axio, Advan or Raspberry Pi would bring out to the market. They say the new tech fascination would be released in the… Continue reading

  • Beer and Bean

    You know what sucks most when you look way too young for your age? You need to show the rest of the world your identity card before getting your night booze. But when you ‎look older than your age, no one pretty cares about what you would buy at a minimarket. As long as you… Continue reading

  • Cindy Djojonegoro: Entrepreneur Perempuan Mesti Sadar Hukum

    Merintis karir sebagai pengacara korporat sejak 20 tahun yang lalu membuat Cindy Djojonegoro telah banyak makan asam garam di dunia hukum perdagangan, perbankan, dan keuangan. Dari sana ia memutuskan untuk terjun ke dunia entrepreneurship bersama sahabatnya mendirikan sebuah firma hukum sendiri. “Dan ternyata menjalankan bisnis firma hukum itu berbeda dari menjadi pengacara korporat,” tutur Cindy… Continue reading

  • The Book Launch

    She has been so restless these recent days as she found out she has to be present at the book launch. What to wear? What to say on stage in case she is wanted to be going on stage and answer an interview question she doesn’t expect? She must faint tomorrow. It’s going to be… Continue reading