12-Inch MacBook Air, Another Incremental Innovation The World Badly Needs

It was rumored yesteryear already. To be frank , it’s quite stale as news. But why is this still news? Because it’s Apple that produces it. The world doesn’t care about what innovation Axio, Advan or Raspberry Pi would bring out to the market.

They say the new tech fascination would be released in the summer of 2015.

And as always, the selling point is the thinness. But if you wish to have the generosity of ports in the new product, you’ll be disappointed. Only one 3.5mm audio jack and a single USB-C connector are left. So the 13-inch model still wins.

There’s no mention about the battery durability. But if it can last 12 hours just like the 13-inch version, that’ll be great also.

The price could be between the 11 and 13 inch model.

Let’s hope the prediction is worse than the fact later on. Yet, I suppose I’ll stay with my old 13-inch one.

Truly I cannot understand why Apple has to produce the 12-inch in the first place? Tim Cook seems to want to confuse Apple fanboys and girls after applying the same strategy in the iPads.

Now, your decision making prior to buying a MacBook Air has never been as easy and simple as before.

Wait, that doesn’t include the processor and memory variations. 128, 256, 512 GB…??! I couldn’t care less.

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