The Yogic Moment of HolyShitasana

‎So my yoga pal coined a word for an asana. It’s holyshitasana. Practically speaking, it refers to any yoga poses or asanas that make you scream out of frustration:”Holyyy shitttt!!! Why ain’t it getting any easier every time I give it a try?!!”

The answer is our body isn’t built for doing the asanas. Seriously. Just take it easy. Don’t push yourself too hard. Be lenient to your own body. It’s your temple. That’s ahimsa. But that’s of course what you naturally say to comfort yourselves before you‎ take a glance at the neighbors who manage to do better, or slightly better. Envy works in a so subtle way you can’t even detect it.

‎Yet once again I post another challenging yoga asana photos my yoga buddies can’t do without props. I know some will sneer at it. I am completely aware not everyone likes it. I feel like a jerk sometimes for posting it. But then I realize I should just do it. Because who knows someone will get inspired and keep doing his or her practice? You’ll never know. So I stop judging myself for being a poser and let it inspire others. If it doesn’t inspire, let it amuse them in some way I don’t need to know.

If you’re into yoga and really want to try the pose, try some warmups in the quads, hips, back, lower back and chest. Lots of work to do, I know. But if your body is built like mine, you can just skip the warmups and hocus pocus, it’s done!

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