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Digital Free Tools Millenial Journalists Ought to Use More

There’s no reason a millenial journalist must stick to the old, inefficient ways of gathering information just like the baby-boomers journalists. Ren LaForme of Poynter Institute leaked some digital free tools we journos should use more often to let our … Continue reading

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The Book Launch Finale

‎I step into the room, hoping to see a huge number of audience. They could be clapping now or making a round applause after a considerably inspiring talk or ultra meaningful presentation. I feel like I came into a giant … Continue reading

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When Your Lover Turns into a Monk

AFTER she told the story, I almost couldn’t help myself for having hastened to grab myself a sheet of paper. This could be another big thing in the novel industry. Maybe I could turn her miserable love story into a … Continue reading

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Gerindra Perjuangkan Hak Kaum Tuna Netra untuk Kenali Pecahan Uang Kertas

Saya dituduh seorang teman membenci Prabowo. “Kamu kenapa sih sampe nulis yang Lee Kuan Yew itu? Kamu benci Prabowo ya?” Belum selesai pertanyaannya, saya berusaha menutup mulut karena rahang saya susah diangkat. ‎Saya tak tahu isu semacam itu masih relevan … Continue reading

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